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At Happy State Bank, a division of Centennial Bank, we have many loan options to choose from. That’s why we provide you with options on finding the perfect loan for your needs. Browse our list of options and compare to determine what fits your situation the best.


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  • Start Your Application

    The first step is to fill out an application. You can do this by working with a Mortgage Loan Originator at your local branch or by applying online.

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  • Gather Information

    There are some documents that you will need to gather to go with your application

    Residence history for the last two years

    Employment history for the last two years

    Income information for the last two years

    Year to date pay stub

    W2s for the last two years

    Tax returns for the last two years

    Deposit, Retirement and Equities account information

    Real Estate information


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  • Underwriting

    Our underwriting team will work to review everything.

    Once we have your application and all of the documents that are needed, our underwriting team will work to review everything that has been provided. At this time, we will also ensure that we have answered all your questions and make sure that we have all the documents needed based on your specific financial need.

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  • Sign Your Closing Papers

    Once your loan is finalized, we will send you closing disclosures to review.

     These disclosures will include the final third-party costs, mortgage balance, and prepaid costs. We will work with you to schedule the closing and get all necessary documents signed.

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  • Manage Your Application

    We make managing your mortgage application simple.

    You can use our Simply Happy mortgage app to manage your mortgage application from anywhere.

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Mortgage Loan Originators

Our loan officers are here to help with all of your mortgage needs. Find a Mortgage Loan Originator near you.


Spanish Speaking Originators

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Simply Happy Mortgage App

Our Simply Happy mortgage app allows you to easily apply for a home loan, securely upload documents, message your loan originator, and manage your mortgage from anywhere.

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