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Get access to Online Banking or visit our Online Help Center for answers to frequently asked questions.


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Take advantage of our Self-Service Tools

Use our Self-Service Online Banking tools linked below for your initial registration or to recover your user ID or password. Once you have access scroll down more to look for answers to any frequently asked questions you may have or click the link to go there immediately if you already have access.

Online Help Center

Self-Service Your Initial Login

Online Banking User ID Recovery
HSB Pwd Recovery

Recover your User ID with the following information:

1) Last Name or Business Name (Please include LLC, INC etc. if accessing as a business)


3) Social Security or Tax Identification Number

4) Account Type (Checking, Savings, CD or Loan)

Recover User ID

Recover your Password with the following information:

1) User ID

2) Social Security or Tax Identification Number

3) Account Type (Checking, Savings, CD or Loan)

4) Account Number (DO NOT INCLUDE PRE-LEADING 0’S)

Recover Password