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Telephone Banking

Customers have the ability to call 877-591-4663 and use an automated system to listen to account information. The Telephone Banking system can provide information on Checking, Savings, CDs, and Loans. Additionally, customers have the option to complete an internal transfer between DDA accounts. Finally, customers have the option to update their secret pin or speak to a customer service representative with Happy State Bank.

Customers are able to self-enroll by using the last 4 digits of the primary owner’s social security number as the “secret pin”. From there, the system will prompt the customer to update their 4-digit pin for security purposes. If the customer has previously enrolled, it will inform them that their profile has been locked for inactivity (90 days). To reset inactivity, the customer will need to call into the bank, and we will reset their pin.

Once the customer has completed enrollment or pin reset, they will be able to access their account information using these steps:

  • Call 877-591-4663 and listen to greeting
  • Select 1 for account information or 0 to speak to a Happy State customer service rep
  • Enter account number and secret pin
  • Follow prompt to select what information you would like to hear

The Telephone Banking flowchart (below) shows the paths and the options available.

Telephone Banking Flowchart