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Online Account Opening - Overview

Customers have the ability to open a Checking account, Savings account, and/or a Time Deposit/CD via The process takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.


  • Social Security Number
  • A Government Issue ID
  • Opening Deposit of Funds

Once a customer meets all requirements, the enrollment can be started. The customer will follow this path to find the online account opening process:

  • Navigate to
  • For Checking Accounts, the customer will select the “Personal” tab and then select “Checking”. Here they will find the list of online checking accounts we have available. Once they have determined the account type, the customer will click “Open Account Online”.
  • For Savings Accounts and Time Deposits/CDs, the customer will select the “Personal” tab and then select “Savings”
    • Customers will see Savings Accounts under the “Savings” tab and CDs are listed under Savings > Certificate of Deposit (CD)
  • Once the customer has selected their account type, they will click “Open Account Online”
  • The opening process is launched and the system requests customer identification information
  • Then the customer will be able to complete the funding details – These accounts can be funded using a routing/account number, check mailed in, wire or credit/debit card number.

Finally, the customer selects if they want online banking/eStatements and answers some final verification questions before submitting.