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Digital Wallet: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay – Overview

Customers have access to use the main mobile wallet options: Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. This feature allows a customer to add their debit card to their phone’s mobile wallet. The customer will be able to use their phone to pay anywhere that “Tap to Pay” is active.

In addition to the convenience of this feature, it also provides greater security for the customer. Instead of using your actual debit card number, a random set of numbers is generated for your transactions, keeping your information completely secure as it transfers from your phone to the point of sale system.

Each of the digital wallet services have slightly different methods of enabling this feature.

Apple Pay®:

  • Using your Wallet icon on newer iPhones and Apple Watches with Digital Wallet capabilities, follow the steps to add your Happy State Bank card as well as other payment methods.
  • Making a Payment: Hold your Apple device on top of the card reader and choose a card when it appears. Place your finger on the Touch ID® sensor to verify your identity. Select Credit if asked. Done and a checkmark will appear when successful.

Google PayTM:

  • Download the Google Pay app from the Google Play app store and click “Payment” to begin.
  • Making a Payment: Unlock your phone. In the Wallet app, drag the card you want to use to the top to act as default. Hold your phone above the card reader. Select credit if asked. Phone will vibrate and read Done when payment is successful.

Samsung Pay:

  • Click on the pre-installed “Pay” app and follow directions for setup.
  • Making a Payment: In the Pay app, swipe up to access cards. Choose card. Place finger on home button to verify identity. Hold phone above card reader until transaction is successful.