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At HAPPY STATE BANK we have the people and the tools to help make the home loan process convenient and affordable.

Helping you get into your new home makes us HAPPY. Our mortgage team has the expertise to help you get the home loan that's right for you, including:

•  Home Purchase Loans
•  Home Improvement Loans
•  Home Refinance Loans
•  Home Construction Loans
•  Bridge Loans
•  Down Payment Assistance Programs
•  And we offer a Purchase Plus Improvement Loan

Our wide range of home loan financing options are tailored to fit your specific needs. We offer an application process designed to improve and streamline your home loan experience. To learn how we can help you with your home financing needs, look below for a trusted Mortgage lender in and around your hometown and give her or him a call today!

Or to get a head start on the process, simply click here to begin the application online.

Monica Aragon
NMLS# 518145

(806) 881-0037

Brett Conrad
NMLS# 839810

Amarillo (Soncy)
(806) 467-5480

Donna Cooper
NMLS# 960127

Amarillo (Taylor)
(806) 467-5466

Jeremy Dean
NMLS# 1474200

Fort Worth
(817) 989-3987

Donna Donnell
NMLS# 518148

Amarillo (Georgia)
(806) 468-6534


Cindy Hanson
NMLS# 841587

Amarillo (Soncy)
(806) 356-3008


Paula Lacour
NMLS# 1593528

Amarillo (Coulter)
(806) 467-5478


Patti Mittelstett
NMLS# 265796

Amarillo (Coldwell Banker)
(806) 467-5462


Russell Pulliam
NMLS# 298632

Fort Worth
(817) 737-2265

Jimmy Rivero
NMLS# 1564633

Amarillo (24th & Grand)
(806) 467-5459
Se Habla Español


Lucas Rodriguez
NMLS# 1651599

Ft. Worth
(817) 989-3955


Ryan Stewart
NMLS #1527080

Amarillo (Coulter)
(806) 467-5468 

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