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Traveling is supposed to be fun! We'll start you off HAPPY!

Foreign Currency

HAPPY STATE BANK has partnered up with the world’s largest foreign exchange specialist, Travelex, to provide you the best service available for your traveling needs, business or personal.

Services provided by Travelex:

•  Banknotes and other foreign exchange products
•  Travel Money Online
•  Foreign Currency Exchange
•  Currency Exchange Rates
•  International Wires and Draft
•  Travel Insurance
•  Phone Cards
•  $0 Fee Buy Back - delivery charge will be applied

Sell Us Your Currency
Please click here, to determine exchange rates and order your money today.

‘HAPPY' Travels - HAPPY STATE BANK Travel Cards

HAPPY STATE BANK offers Travel Cards which is a modern solution for consumer travel needs. It is a unique alternative to taking cash, credit/debit cards or checks.

Please visit any local branch to find out how to get your Travel Card today. For questions feel free to contact us at (806) 373-BANK.Happy State Bank Travel Card

Travel Card Features:
  • A purchase fee of $5/customers will be assessed at the time of purchase.
  • Monthly maintenance fees do not apply.
  • Travel Card load limits range from $20.00 to $3,000.00.
  • Travel Cards can be reloaded unlimited times. A $3.00 reload fee will be assessed.
  • Companion cards are available for an additional $2.00 at the time of initial purchase.
Important Tips for Enjoying Your Card
  • Sign your card before using it and keep a record of the number in a safe place.
  • When making a purchase, you can enter “credit” or give your card to the cashier to sign the receipt. If you enter debit, you must have a 4 digit pin number. (You can set your own 4 digit pin number by calling the phone number on the back of the card.)
  • If your purchase is more than your available balance it may be declined unless you process it as split tender (split payment).
  • Restaurants, car rental agencies and hotels may add up to 20% to your transaction amount when requesting authorization.
  • To register your card, check your balance or view transaction history, visit