Liquidity Management


Shortening the receivables cycle and lengthening payables are just a few components of treasury management.

Let our team help you uncover ways to gain greater efficiencies for your business by automating, consolidating and putting your cash to work.

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External Transfers
Move money quickly between your various accounts at other banks and with HAPPY

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)
Subaccounts ease the burden of cash concentration and making transfers between multiple accounts

Manage cash and minimize interest expense when using a cash sweep on your line of credit

Investment Cash Sweep via Promontory Financial Services
Reserve accounts, excess funds require greater attention. Happy offers an interest bearing, FDIC insured solution with quick access to your funds. Large balances remain protected up to $40MM*

Corporate Cards
Take advantage of special terms and still gain a few days to pay
Create more timely and safer travel and expense payments

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